10 amazing places to visit in Crete

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10. Samaria Gorge National Park

Samaria Gorge is located in Chania and is the biggest and most beautiful National Park in Crete. The famous gorge is also a perfect place for hiking with a trail that can get very narrow at parts.

9. Chrissi Island

Chrissi is a tiny island in the Ierapetra area of Crete that is uninhabited. People may not live there but a lot of people definitely go there.

8. Palace of Knossos


The Palace of Knossos can be found in Heraklion and although only ruins of it remain today, it was once the most amazing and important palace of Crete, dating back to the Bronze Age.

7. Sacred Monastery of Arkadi

Surviving through the passage of time, the Sacred Monastery of Arkadi in Rethymno is up to this day accepting visitors and has been very well preserved.

6. Melidoni Cave

Melidoni Cave can be found in Rethymno and is known for its incredible large stalactites and how beautiful it looks when it’s all lit up.

5. Falasarna Beach

Falasarna is one of those beaches in Chania which is loved by all but not everyone knows about it so it remains a semi-hidden gem!

Falasarna spans a huge area and consists actually of five consecutive beaches, with the two most central being the most favourite.

4.Lassithi Plateau

The Lassithi area is very gorgeous both thanks to its plateau filled with whitewashed windmills and thanks to the beautiful beach nearby which is one of the best in Crete.

There are many small Cretan villages on the plateau which maintain their traditional colour and character


3. Spinalonga

Spinalonga is both a naturally beautiful small island near Elounda and a historically significant place due to the fact it was once used as a leper colony long ago.

Spinalonga is an arid and barren rocky islet with an area of 8.5 hectares lying at the mouth of the natural port of Elounda.

2. Elafonissi Beach

Elafonissi Beach as one can tell is in Elafonissi and is known for its very pink sand which makes the whole beach really beautiful.

It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the shallow clear waters.

1. Balos Lagoon

Balos is a small island peninsula in Kissamos. Pick sand connects the small island with Crete and the water that pass inbetween is very shallow and crystal clear. It’s amazing!

Despite the crowds, it still feels like you have reached the end of the world. The landscape combines the raw power of hard rock, the chilly touch of the sea, and the vast proportions of the universe.