2018 ENFIA now on line – how to print the tax demand

ENFIA property tax notifications for property owners in Greece are now published and are now available online at www.gsis.gr. If your accountant has nor sent you the tax demand, which this year is payable in 5  instalments starting at the end of September. You can use your log in details to print your tax demand (if you have not got a username and password, your accountant does).

How to find and print your property tax demand:

  1. go to http://www.gsis.gr/gsis/info/gsis_site/index.html
  2. select <my account > and log in



When you have logged in select the <personalised information> tag



If you cannot see the whole page, scroll down about half the way through the page.

Locate on the left hand side the option <details of debt …> (<Στοιχεία Οφειλών Εκτός Ρύθμισης>tax3


This should take you to the following screen:


Click on the bottom radio button and on the box next to it


Your statement will appear in a new window. Then you can print you statement (red arrow)

NB – The BLACK arrow points to the ID number you need to pay through i-banking 


The tax rate is different this year to reflect adjustments in the nominal value pricing zones. However, the majority of property owners are expected to pay the same amount or less while 24 pct of property owners will face increases of between one cent and 50 euros or more this year.