2019 car tax aplications now open

Users can print out their forms and pay at the bank or online.

To use the online application you need your tax number (ΑΦΜ ) and your vehicle registration number (Αριθμό κυκλοφορίας)

There is no change in tax rates this year – the amounts due are the same as last year

The deadline for payment is 31 December 2018. Late payments carry a heavy fine.

Go to the car tax application of TAXIS

Fill in your tax number  (ΑΦΜ ) and car registration number (Αριθμό κυκλοφορίας) and click <Αναζήτηση>

Then you can print your form out  <Eκτύπωση>

Your bank can also print out the form while you wait, using your details. However, bear in mind that there may be a long wait particularly near the end of the year