A happy end for Irma the Court House stray

Irma - via press release
There have been a lot of reports lately in the local press about cases of horrendous animal abuse, abandonment and mistreatment of companion animals. In the social media, we read dozens of calls for help from visitors who are about to leave and are worried about the strays they cared for while visiting. Appeals for help with fostering injured, abandoned animals and kittens and puppies found in rubbish bins outnumber the announcements of successful rehoming of rescues by about 4 to 1.
So, it is not so strange that when it comes to strays, a good news story with a happy end is news.
One such good story was brought to the attention of local media last week by the President of Pan-Hellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation, Mrs Bobbolaki.
One of the stray dogs who live in the Courts square in the centre of Chania, named Irma by the local people who looked after her and cared for her for the last 8 years, suddenly disappeared without a trace. The local carers feared the worst, given that many strays meet an untimely death either through an accident or through a deliberate act of cruelty.
For three months the locals continued to look out for Irma, hoping that she will return.
Following several postings on social media, some information finally came forward about Irma’s whereabouts.
It turns out that Irma had found her fairy godmother, Erica, who saw the dog, fell in love with it and offered her a home.
Last week then Irma was brought back to the courthouse square for a visit, where she was met by her old carers who were extremely happy to see Irma well and happy with her new family.
Just one lucky soul whose story brings hope for the dozens of stray animals in the streets of Chania who are still longing for a forever home.