Animal welfare organisations meet police chief to act on animal abuse

Trixie, a dumped kitten - Library photo

Press release — The regional chief of police in Crete Konstantinos Lagoudakis, met with the president of the national federation of animal welfare organisations Mrs Bobolaki Wednesday to discuss the issue of animal abuse and finding more effective ways of dealing with the problem and how to improve the police response to reports of abuse. .

The way the current legislation is applied by law enforcement officers in order to reduce the number of incidents was discussed.

In particular, the discussion concentrated on the increased number of cases involving poisoning and the measures needed to prevent such crimes.

The enforcement of the law regarding microchipping and proper care of companion animals was discussed as a possible means of reducing the number of abandonments.

Finally, Mrs Bobolaki asked for a report on the progress of the investigation of the recent shootings of two dogs and urged the police force to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Mrs Bobolaki expressed her satisfaction with the positive response of the regional chief of police and praised individual officers for their sensitivity and effectiveness on dealing with animal abuse.

Now we are just  waiting to see what actions the police will take to try to deal more effectively with the problems of animal abuse, Mrs Bobolaki said.