Apokoronas welfare group gets a big helping hand from European volunteers

Apokoronas Welfare association held a meeting with volunteers from the European community on wednesday 21/1 at Vryses town hall. The volunteers  were keen to help make sure that the Welfare association continues to support individuals and families in need throughout Apokoronas. Most of the 22 people attending were former volunteers with Helping Hand, who have recently stopped working with the Council and is looking for different ways to make a contribution to the welfare of the residents.

The AWA will continue to support more than 350 households in Apokoronas, and as referals keep coming in, it is expected that more households will be in need of support in the next few months. The AWA volunteers will be helping with fund raising events, collections of donations from supermarkets, the sorting of donated clothing and the packing of foodbags distributed to families in need on a regular basis. A number of useful suggestions of how volunteers could contribute to the work of the association were made at the meeting.

The Chair of the association made it clear everyone in need in Apokoronas is eligible for support.

The AWA foodbank/social supermarket will open at Nippos on 27 January with packing of foodbags on 28 January. A second foodbank is planned for Kalyves in the near future and the Learning Support sessions are now in place offering extra tuition to around 50 pupils whose families cannot afford private frondistirio lessons.

The AWA is also receiving donations from the region and a further EU grant of over €10000 is expected.