Mayor Koukianakis: Apokoronas will continue with its animal welfare programme

Press release

Following the removal of Mrs Terezaki from the position of animal welfare deputy mayor in Apokoronas, a meeting was held attended by Mayor Koukianakis,  Mrs Bobolaki, the chair of the association of Greek animal welfare organisations , the deputy mayor newly appointed for animal welfare, Mrs Noilaki, council workmen and volunteers,  to address the concerns of many residents of Apokoronas that the animal welfare and sterilisation programme would be abandoned without Mrs Terezaki who, with the unqualified support of the mayor, was the driving force behind it.

The Mayor assured all those attending that the council, far from abandoning its animal welfare programme, its going to enhance it and dedicate additional resources to ensure that the Municipality’s outstanding work, especially with regard to sterilization, feeding and welfare of stray animals in Apokoronas will continue.

Issues relating to the everyday running of the existing service were discussed and the Mayor announced the creation of a Stray animals Office and the creation of a register of stray animals in Apokoronas villages.

Mrs Bobolaki added in her press statement that she hoped the positive action on the issues of the strays will continue and that the plans the Mayor announced to improve the service will become reality.