First Social Supermarket – Food bank in Apokoronas is now open

The first of the two planned food banks has officially opened in Nippos old school on Tuesday 27/1.

Present in the opening ceremony were the mayor of Apokoronas Charalambos Koukianakis, members of the municipal council, the chair of the welfare association Argiro Benaki with other members of the management committee, deputy governor Voulgarakis and newly elected Chania MPs Pavlos Polakis and Valia Vagionaki, members of the volunteer groups and local residents, and several of the local priests.

The blessing ceremony was conducted by the dean of Vryses, representing the bishop of Kidonias & Apokoronas

The mayor said that the social supermarket is part of the wider strategy of the council to combat the effects of poverty and social exclusion in Apokoronas and promote social cohesion and solidarity.

Argiro Benaki stressed that the social supermarket is the first of three actions targeted at the most vulnerable groups of residents, and added that the Welfare Association of Apokoronas also aims to raise awareness amongst residents about the difficulties facing  a number of people in the district.