Greece ‘worst’ place in Europe for the elderly

eKathimerini — Greece has the worst quality of life for senior citizens in Europe, according to the findings of a New York-based nongovernmental organization which determined that Switzerland is the best place for retirees to live.

The 28-page report compiled by HelpAge International in partnership with the University of Southampton drew its conclusions by comparing factors such as pension systems, health facilities and access to public transport in 96 countries around the world.

The report underscored how a broader financial crisis has hit older generations particularly hard in the countries of southern Europe.

Greece, where pensions and social welfare have been slashed since the onset of the debt crisis in 2010, is ranked in 79th place overall, behind Venezuala (76th) and Turkey (75th).

Greece performs even worse in terms of the access it offers senior citizens to public transport, ranking 91st in the list of 96 countries.

Switzerland, which tops the list, is followed by Norway, Sweden, Germany and Canada, with the United States and United Kingdom in ninth and 10th positions respectively. Japan, which is ranked eighth, “reflects progressive social policies,” the report said.