Happy end in France for Cretan ‘barrel dog’

Esther, a  French woman on holidays in Kissamos with her partner came across one of the many neglected Cretan ‘barrel dogs’.  The dog, a female German Shepard lived chained under a trailer, hungry and thirsty and the couple who felt sorry for the animal approached the owner asking to buy the dog from him  – but he refused.
Esther visited the dog every evening for the rest of her holidays sneaking in food and water  to the dog while her owner was away.
When the couple returned to their home in Nice, Esther got in touch with the Chania animal welfare organisation who with the help of the police removed the dog and placed it in the care of the welfare organisation opening the road for its adoption by Esther.
The police in Crete takes reports of animal abuse very seriously  and there have been several cases of successful prosecutions of animal abusers on the island recently.
So in this case there was a happy ending.  The dog named Helia  travelled to Nice at a cost of around E 800, and now lives happily at her new home in Nice with her new loving family who take good care of her.