How to find your 2019 property tax statement online – and print it

ENFIA property tax  notifications for property owners in Greece are now available online at . If your accountant has nor sent you the tax demand, which this year is payable in 5  instalments starting at the end of September, you can use your log in details to print your tax demand (if you have not got a username and password, your accountant does).

  1. go to
  2. select <myTAXISnet> account from the top bar menu and log in
  3. Then choose <O λογαριασμός μου>

When you have logged in select the <Προσωπ.Πληρ/ση> (individual information) tag


If you cannot see the whole page, scroll down about half the way through the page.


Locate the option <Στοιχεία Οφειλών Εκτός Ρύθμισης> on the left hand side of the screen, and select

This should take you to the following screen:


If you cannot see the whole page scroll down

Click on the bottom radio button and on the box next to it


Your statement will appear in a new window. Scroll down to see the dates the dates the payments are due. (you can if you wish pay in one lump sum)

Then you can <print> your statement (red arrow)

NB – The BLACK arrow points to the ID number you need to pay through i-banking  or at the bank.


Your tax will be 10-30% lower this year, depending on the value of your property.