Kalives – Tsivaras link road upgrade to relieve village traffic problems

Photo from Xaralambos Koukianakis facebook post

A Facebook post from Apokoronas mayor Charalambos Koukianakis announced last Friday the long-awaited upgrade, repair and resurfacing of the Kalyves -Tsivalas link road.

The road that has not been used by drivers – even those who knew about it –  who preferred to brave the heavy traffic and gridlock caused by inconsiderate parking in Kalyves because of its poor state, is given a facelift. Hopefully when it is completed and with the right signage it will ease off in part the traffic problems of Kalyves.

However, the link road by itself is not going to resolve all the traffic problems of Kalyves without a well thought out and properly policed traffic management plan.

Let’s hope the link road upgrade is the first step to making Kalybes a better place to be – or at least just drive through.