Kallikratis, a martyred village

Kallikratis village- in memory of those executed by the German occupiers in 1943

On Wednesday 3 October, the small village of Kallikratis in Sfakia municipality was officially designated a martyred village. The ceremony following a memorial service at the small village church was attended by the president of Greece Prokopis Pavlopoulos as well local MPs, the mayor of Sfakia and other local dignitaries.

Kallikratis is the only village in Greece that was destroyed by occupiers four times in its 600-year history.

In 1770 it was razed to the ground by the Turks during the Daskaloyannis revolt.

The Turks destroyed the village once again in 1821 and in 1866 during the Cretan revolt.

Το 1770, στην επανάσταση του Δασκαλογιάννη, στις 26 Απριλίου, το χωριό καταστράφηκε ολοκληρωτικά από τους Τούρκους.

In October 1943 the Germans destroyed the village once again.