National day of mourning after deadly floods

SputnikNews — Greek authorities have declared a day of national mourning after heavy rainfall triggered floods near Athens.

Video: France24 via Youtube

Floods in Greece have killed 15 people, injured dozens, while one person is still missing.  The storms caused utter ruin, with the industrial towns of Mandra, Nea Peramos and Megara, in the foothills  west of Athens, being the most affected.

Locals said the devastation was unprecedented in scale. Residents said they were woken on Wednesday morning to their homes being filled by rainwater and awash with mud.

According to the BBC, many of the victims were elderly people whose bodies were found inside their homes.

 “Everything is lost. The disaster is biblical,” Mandra Mayor Yianna Krikouki told state broadcaster ERT.

According to the broadcaster, at least 37 people have been hospitalized and some are still missing. There are fears that the death toll could climb even higher as emergency crews continue searching flooded homes and streets on the western outskirts of Athens.

“This is a very difficult moment for our country. We mourn the deaths of 14 people in what is a great disaster…. It is the wish of all of us that this number does not increase,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in a televised address, announcing a national day of mourning Thursday.

​Greece has been hit by heavy rains for about a week. A new severe weather warning has been issued for Greece on Thursday.