New opinion poll gives 5% lead for Syriza

Syriza leads New Democracy (ND) by 5% according to a new poll by Pro Rata for Athens daily Efimerida ton Syntakton.

The poll, whose findings are significantly different from polls in previous days which showed that the two main parties are almost level, gives Syriza 28.5%, with ND following on 23.5%.

Independent Greeks and Popular Unity both at 2.5% fail to pass the threshold to enter parliament, according to the poll.

The findinngs in detail:

  • Syriza 28.5%
  • New Democracy 23.5%
  • Golden Dawn 6.5%
  • Potami 4%
  • ΚΚΕ 4.5%
  • Independent Greeks 2.5%
  • PASOK/DIMAR 4.5%
  • Popular Unity 2.5%
  • Centrist Union 3.5%