New Ryanair routes from Athens for winter 2018


Ryanair announced Thursday a new route from Athens to London’s Luton airport, where the company is making an additional 200 million investment. The company’s winter 2018 schedule will include three flights per week from Luton to Athens.

“We are happy for the start of the new route from Athens to London’s Luton with a frequency of three flights per week,” Nikolas Lardis, Ryanair’s sales and marketing manager for the Eastern Mediterranean, said.

Ryanair has scheduled six other new routes from Athens in addition to the one to London Luton. They are  Acaba, Catania, Eindhoven, Palermo, Marrakech and Dublin. 

The airline is also tightening their luggage rules from November when passengers will only be allowed a small personal bag into the cabin.

Passengers will have to pay a reduced fee of  £10 to check a 10 kg bag into the hold, while only 95 priority passengers will be allowed to use the overhead storage in the cabin.

The move is not aimed at making money, the airline said, but was intended to “improve punctuality and reduce boarding gate delays”.