Outrage after Michaloliakos claims ‘political responsibility’ for Fyssas murder

enikos.gr — Golden Dawn chief Nikos Michaloliakos caused a political storm and widespread condemnation following his claim of political responsibility over the murder of Pavlos Fyssas in September 2013.

Speaking to journalist Nikos Charzinikolaou, Michaloliakos said that his party assumes the “political responsibility” for the murder of the rapper , but was quick to claim that “there is no criminal liability” in the murder and questioned whether it was fair for an entire party to be condemned over such a “reprehensible act”.

Fyssas, aged 34, a musician and anti-fascist activist, was stabbed to death in Keratsini, a suburb of the capital Athens on 18 September 2013, by George Roupakias a member of Golden Dawn.

His assassination marked the beginning for the “unveiling” of the political-criminal activities of Golden Dawn.

All political parties condemned Golden Dawn and called on the Greek people to isolate the party in the forthcoming elections.

Syriza says that the assumption of political responsibility for the murder “uncovers the hateful face of the murderous, fascist gang that is directed against the weak”

New Democracy notes that the “provocative confession” is made during the election campaign “in order to terrorize citizens and political parties”.

Until now, Golden Dawn was claiming that they knew nothing about the murder, that they were not responsible. Now with audacity, the neo-Nazis defend their criminal policy, trying escape criminal consequences, notes socialist PASOK.

Centrist Potami says that following today’s undisguised confession no one has the right to say that they were misled. “Each vote to Golden Dawn is rewarding its  criminal acts”, says Stavros Theodorakis’s party.

Independent Greeks note that with a delay of two years the neo-Nazi party reveals its “bottomless cowardness.

The confession proves that Fyssas’s murder was not an isolated incident, but a result of fascist ideology, and Neo-nazi practice, says Popular Unity