PFPO’s stray animals meetings with German MEPs and the Authorities in Crete

Photo: PFPO

PFPO PRESS RELEASE – (repost) Last month MEPs Professor Klaus Buchner, animal activist Stefan Eck and Georgios Chatzimarkakis, who is from Crete, organized a congress for stray animals in Greece with PFPO’s participation.

PFPO’s President Natassa Bobolaki and Secretary Maria Choustoulaki as well as Iris Pabst and Stefan Haak, representatives of Chania Animal Welfare Organization “The Island” were present at all meetings with Greek Authorities.

We met with the Regional Governor of Crete Mr. Stavros Arnaoutakis, Mayor of Heraklion Mr. Vassilis Labrinos and Heraklion Assistant Police Commissioner Mr. Nikos Chryssakis, who received an invitation for a presentation of his book on Greek animal legislation as it is an innovation at European level. Also, we had meetings with Mr. Stylianos Vardiabassis (Regional Police Directorate of Crete) and Mr. Giorgos Mastrantonakis (Police Directorate of Chania).

We discussed all major and chronic problems in Crete and all around the country about animals and our attitude towards them. Also, suggestions, solutions and thoughts, causes of the Greek attitude towards animals and major responsibilities of the Greek State on animal issues. Finally, underlying and subjective reasons why Municipalities did not comply with their obligations, was a topic of our discussion.

It should be mentioned that our Federation’s representatives had the opportunity to meet exclusively with German MEPs in order to analyze in detail the situation of all animal species in Greece and not only stray animals.

Klaus Buchner, Giorgos Chatzimarkakis and Stefan Eck will give report of animal welfare issues to the European Parliament and their important contacts.

Moreover, they publicly announced that a neutering pilot program with European funds for domesticated animals will begin on their own initiative. The program will firstly run in Chania and then in the whole Crete and other Greek cities depending on its success.

Finally, on the 27th of July MEPs of Germany attended the successful vegan festival which took place in Arsenali, Chania.

In 1912 Georgios Chatzimarkakis had organised a conference at the European Parliament to address the problems of stray animals in Greece.

Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation