Police respond quickly to save animals of an ill owner from eviction

Mrs Bobolaki,  President of Pan-Hellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation issued the following press statement last Friday.

“(Thursday) I was contacted by Kalyves vet Mr Mousourakis and Mrs Niolaki Deputy Mayor in Apokoronas, asking for help with the four dogs in the care of a woman, a Scandinavian national resident in Apokoronas,  who was taken seriously ill to Chania hospital three days before.

The four dogs one of which is 17 years old and disabled , lived with the woman. A kind neighbour was looking after the animals from the time the woman was admitted, but when the owner of the rented property learnt that the woman is in hospital he locked the animals out and took away the keys”

Mrs Bobolaki then contacted Chania deputy police director Mr Mastrantonakis and the officer in charge for animal cases in Apokoronas police department, Mr Cheretakis, who took immediate action and the animals returned to their home and continued to be looked after by the woman’s neighbour.

Apokoronas’ newly formed animal charity Animal Rescue in Apokoronas -A.R.I.A – formed by former deputy mayor Mrs Terezaki also offered help should the woman’s health prevents her from taking care of the dogs and made special provision for the elderly animal.