Ryanair should offer ‘comparable transport’ to passengers flying out of Chania


One of the many Ryanair customers who had their November flights cancelled  wrote to AN to express his concerns about the situation, as the airline does not appear to respond.

James V from Rethymnon writes:

“I had two round trips cancelled. one in November ( CHQ > ATH )and the other in January (CHQ > SKG )

They offer to change the flights to the next available flights. HERE is the PROBLEM !!!

They have cancelled all there flights from Chania until the end of the Rebook Period.

Additionally they have offered for each Round Trip a 80 Euro Voucher which Expires during the period of the Cancelled flights.

So it is impossible to use these “ Good Faith “ Vouchers

It is impossible to use their “ Live Chat to Get answers as it always says all agents are Busy,

I wrote several emails on each Flight but I have received no Response”



What happens in this situation 

The  Irish airline has already been chastised in uncivil terms by the UK Civil Aviation Authority  for misrepresenting passengers’ rights. The airline finally conceded that it would pay EU-stipulated compensation and provide alternative flights at no extra cost  using another airline where there is no available frights by Ryanair.

Passenger rights – cancellation (Europa.eu)

Cancellation occurs when:

  • your original flight schedule is abandoned and you are transferred to another scheduled flight
  • the aircraft took off but, was forced to return to the airport of departure and you were transferred to another flight
  • your flight arrives at an airport which is not the final destination indicated on your ticket, unless:
    • You accepted re-routing (under comparable transport conditions at the earliest opportunity) to the airport of your original final destination or to any other destination agreed by you. In this case it is considered as a delay and not a cancellation.
    • The airport of arrival and the airport of the original final destination serve the same town, city or region. In this case it is considered as a delay and not a cancellation.

If your flight is cancelled you have the right to reimbursement, re-routing or return, as well as the right to assistance and a right to compensation. Compensation is due if you were informed less than 14 days prior to the scheduled departure date. The air carrier has the obligation to prove if and when you were personally informed that the flight was cancelled.

You can also contact your national authority (Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority)  for further assistance.

This means customers stranded after their flights were cancelled can fly for free with rivals if there are no Ryanair seats available.

It is worth noting that Aegean has now reinstated its service between Chania and Thessaloniki. There are also daily flights to Athens from Chania.

The airline however is not obliged to offer compensation for out of pocket expenses and missed hotel bookings as it has given customers more than two weeks notice.