Smithills couple launches appeal to raise money and find homes for three abandoned kittens from Crete

The Bolton News — An animal loving couple have launched an appeal to find new homes for three kittens found abandoned under a bin in Crete.

Husband and wife Ross and Sarah McCallister, from Smithills in Bolton, were on holiday on the Greek island in May when they saw the kittens. The animals had no mother and appeared to be unfed and uncared for.

Mrs McCallister said: “We went to Crete on May 20 and about two days later we were walking down from the villa and we just saw them under a bin.

“They were about four weeks old and there was no mum with them. They didn’t seem to have anyone looking after them.”

Over the next ten days, the couple cared for them but were determined to find a permanent home for the abandoned trio.

They went on Facebook and searched for animal protection in the area, but volunteers said they were able to feed them but not rehouse them.

The kittens were taken to a vet to be wormed and checked over but no home in Crete was found.

Now, the McCallisters are trying to get together £750 for injections and passports for the kittens and to fly them to the UK.

They also need people to come forward to give the kittens a home as they cannot do so.

Mrs McCallister, who runs the Perfection by Sarah salon on Plodder Lane in Farnworth, said: “We’ve got two dogs and a cat we’re real animal lovers. We sadly can’t let them stay with us because of the dogs.

It costs £300 per kitten to get everything done but we’ve got it for £750 for the three. We’ve only got a few weeks to get the money and find them a home.

A GoFundMe page has been set up and donations on there combined with money given by customers at the salon mean more than £300 has already been raised but more is needed.

Mrs McCallister, aged 40, urged anyone who could donate to do so and wants people who can give the kittens a home to get in touch.

If you want to donate go to