Sterilisation cheaper than dumping newborn animals in the bin

Trixie, a dumped kitten - Library photo

The animal welfare organisation of Serres announced that a man who was arrested in the northern Greek town for dumping four newly born puppies in a bin on 30 June this year, was given an administrative fine of €130,000 by a 3-member misdemeanour court.

Article 21 of 4039 law of 2012 sets an automatic administrative fine of €30,000 for animal abuse or abandonment of companion animals.  

A separate indictment was made for the abuse of the mother of the puppies and the dog, along with another puppy that was kept with its mother, were removed into the care of the animal welfare group.  A second adult animal in the care of the offender has gone missing.

The owner of the animals was arrested and charged under the ‘caught-in-the-act‘ procedure of Greek justice following a citizen’s report to local police.