Storm force winds cause extensive disruption across Crete

FEATURE PHOTOGRAPH – Manolis Plaitis /Plaitis Photography via Facebook –  Vamos Primary PGA – Σύλλογος γονέων και κηδεμόνων Δ.Σ. Βάμου

Storm force winds with gusts reaching 12  Beaufort in some parts of the island  caused serious problems across Crete causing accidents and structural damage to buildings on Wednesday .

In Souda a man died when a mature eucalyptus crushed his van.

The scheduled ANEK ferry Elyros  was unable to dock at Souda port because of the strong southerly winds and more than 500 passengers had to wait for four hours for tug boats to help the ferry approach the port safely.

The storm caused structural damage to several schools blowing parts of roofs and glass pain facades

A student was lightly injured from flying objects in Vamos High and schools across Chania closed early for safety reasons.

Vamos park was devastated with many of its old trees felled by the wind and falling on to the road.

Scores of cars were damaged from falling tree branches, household objects and plant pots falling off balconies.

In Platanias the winds brought down the memorial of St Helens cross at Skines.


Potami, Rethymnon – wind reached 12 bft

Chania airport and many parts of Rethymnon and Heraklion  – wind speeds of 11 bft recorded –

Vrysses and west of Chania – wind speeds reached 10 bft