Syriza hails Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour win as ‘message of hope’ –Syriza party on Saturday welcomed the election of Jeremy Corbyn as head of Britain’s opposition Labour as a “message of hope”.

A Syriza spokesperson said Corbyn’s election was a key step which would “considerably” bolster Europe’s anti-austerity front.

“Corbyn’s election as a leader of the Labour party, as a result of the mobilisation of thousands of new members and his dedication to the need of the containment of the neoliberal politics, is reinforcing considerably the pan-European front against austerity and is sending a message of hope to the European people,” the spokesperson said.

Corbyn, who on Saturday won a landslide victory in the race for the party’s leadership, is steadfastly opposed to the austerity programme of British Prime Minister David Cameron.

The shock victory means the 66-year-old socialist now becomes Britain’s most leftwing political leader in over 30 years, although his election is likely to exacerbate sharp divisions within the party.