Telegraph – Crete best Greek island for food


We all know that Crete can offer visitors some of the very best in terms of as hiking (Andros got best in the Telegraph) experiences  and for beaches (Zakynthos) and for history and culture and monasteries, but most people in Crete  would settle with being judged Best For Food.

Best for food – Crete

Crete’s southerly location gives it the longest growing season in Greece. It produces a surfeit of edible goods – you’ll even find avocados and bananas. Marc Dubin says: “Crete has figured prominently in the revival in Greek cuisine, drawing on such local ingredients as flavoured rusks, fresh or cured meats, wild edible weeds and of course rakí or tsikoudiá, the famous local distilled clear spirits made from grape pressings in October.” His guide to the best restaurants on the island can be found here. Telegraph Travel’s Jane Foster adds: “Agrotourism is catching on in Greece, especially on Crete, and a working farm is the best place to sample authentic regional cooking.” See her guide to the best food and wine holidays in Greece.