Temperatures of 40C forecast for many areas as summer’s first heatwave intensifies

Tornos News — The Hellenic National Meteorological Service warns that temperatures are expected to escalate to  as high as 43C in some areas  over the next few days as Greece witnesses the summer’s first heatwave.

On Tuesday the heat that started at the end of last week is expected to intensify as temperatures are expected to reach a minimum of  37-38 degrees celsius on the mainland, while in Athens temperatures will reach 35-36 degrees and western Greece is expecting heavy rains around mid-day. Also expecting heavy storms on Monday are the areas of Epirus, Sterea, Peloponnese, Western and Central Macedonia.

From Wednesday temperatures will rise even further with  Athens reaching a low of 38 degrees celsius while other areas on the mainland are expected to exceed  40 degrees celsius.

Islands and coastal areas will experience  a maximum temperature of 35C on Wednesday and Thursday, 36-38C on Friday and Saturday, before dropping to 33-35C in the west and climbing 37-39C in the east on Sunday.

The Health Ministry is warning people in Athens who have respiratory ailments and heart conditions as well as those with sensitive health to avoid being outdoors due to the expected increase in the levels of ozone as the heat wave intensifies .