Ten year old mystery of the suspicious death of Jean Hanlon in Crete

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Following a UK Channel 5 documentary entitled ‘Murdered in Paradise : The Killing of Jean Hanlon’, new information has emerged which was  enough to lead to the reopening of the case. The new evidence is currently investigated by the Heraklion prosecutor.

Jean Hanlon’s  “bruised and battered body” was recovered from Heraklion harbour on 13 March 2009, about 5 days after she was reported missing.

As this is the 10th year since she died, Jean’s youngest son, friends and other members of her family returned to Crete for a memorial service and an appeal event to gather more information about the suspicious circumstances that led to Jeans death. .

The initial post mortem examination concluded her death was due to accidental drowning, but had not addressed the questions of the cause of her horrific injuries.  Through the efforts of her  family  a report of the injuries she had suffered (a broken neck, shattered ribs, punctured lung and signs of struggle) came to the light,  enough to reopen the case and recognise that she died in “ suspicious circumstances”.

Her son, Michael James Porter, issued a press statement with information about recent developments and details about the memorial service on 26 August.

“During our stay, we will be marking this emotional milestone on Monday 26 August at 12.00 midday at the Port in Heraklion, just before Koules Fortress  with the release of 10 helium balloons in memory of mum.

As there are still so many unanswered questions surrounding my mother’s death, it is also my intention to deliver a live public appeal to local and international press and TV/radio channels and it is for this reason that I am writing to you in the hope that you will support us and help push the various appeal points in the media.

We also plan to distribute flyers and posters asking for help and information in the hope that someone somewhere might know something that has not yet been brought to our attention and this, in turn, will provide more new leads to further enhance our case.

We have given all the information we have to the authorities in Heraklion and there have been intermittent episodes of investigation that have led nowhere.

We feel, with increasing frustration, that they are just not digging deep enough as there are still many unanswered questions and inconsistencies that have not been fully investigated and explored thoroughly. The case was archived in 2015 but was then re-opened after my personal meeting with the Greek Ambassador in London who shook my hand and was very helpful and supportive.

In 2018, the case was archived again by the prosecutor in Heraklion and we know that Greek law states that it would remain like this until 2029 when it would be closed forever unless something new comes to light that would give reason for it to be reopened

I am sure that you can imagine the anguish my family and I have been through and I am therefore asking you to help us get our Mum’s story to as many people as possible.

We have never had any hard feelings or issues with Greece or its’ people in relation to this tragedy and we just hope that with the right information and support we can all work”, adding that “Crete will always be very special to our family despite the painful memories we share”.

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