Theresa May sends Europe Minister to Greece as full scale Brexit lobby begins

The Express — The UK Government has admitted it has begun lobbying individual member states on its Brexit strategy today sending its Europe minister to Greece for talks.

Signalling moves it is planning to target individual countries to smooth over any strained relationships, the Prime Minister is now actioning plans for high level discussions ahead of its self imposed Article 50 deadline.

The Minister for Europe Sir Alan Duncan flew to Greece on Tuesday for official meetings with counterparts in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Part of those discussions are a range of foreign policy issues but it is expected Britain will negotiate for support from the crisis hit country as it plans its departure from the EU.

It is widely expected that the UK will offer deals to its political counterparts in a bid to help achieve its goals when negotiating on key issues including the single market and migration.

Shortly before arriving in Greece, Mr Duncan said: “The UK and Greece enjoy a long history of friendship and co-operation.  The UK intends to have even closer relations with our European partners, including Greece, as we prepare to leave the European Union.

“Our two historic nations work together on a range of shared priorities including migration, defence and regional security. 

“My discussions in Athens will help to strengthen our extensive trade and cultural links with Greece and our joint commitment to a Cyprus settlement.”

The UK Foreign Office has refused to comment on the scale of the discussions but would not deny the negotiations were related to Brexit.

A spokeswoman told “We are not going to provide a running commentary on every twist and turn of these negotiations.

“You don’t start a negotiation by telling the people you are negotiating with exactly what you plan to do. That approach won’t help us get the best deal for Britain.”