Varoufakis: Tsipras held the referendum hoping he would lose

Varoufakis gave an interview to French magazine L’Obs saying that Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was hoping to lose in the referendum so that he had an excuse for the upcoming submission to the European Union. The  former minister said that the July 5th referendum “was held not to be won but to be lost.”

“(Tsipras wanted) to find an excuse for the impending submission. I believe it, really,” Varoufakis said.

“On the night of the referendum, when the (results of the) magnificent 62 percent in favor of the “no”came , I was in seventh heaven. But that was not the result Tsipras hoped for. It was clearly written on his face. So that night he said: It’s time to surrender. And I replied: Not me. It was very friendly, very sad, with great tenderness, even love. He believed that Greece would be destroyed if we continued. I did not agree with him. I left,” Varoufakis said.

Varoufakis said that the impact of Tsipras’ U-turn caused great damage to the Podemos leftist party in Spain. “The Podemos have suffered great damage because of us. But everything is connected: One of the reasons the official Europe were absolutely determined to crush us, was the rise of Podemos. The Social Democrats in Germany and elsewhere, feared our success. If we had managed to relaunch the Greek economy, they would be finished, like PASOK in Greece that fell to 4 percent. So, they had to destroy us, and they did.”

The mystery of the 1101

A new video clip titled “The 1101 are coming” has appeared on the internet showing people mentioned by their first name, including Yanis Varoufakis and actor Cleon Grigoriadis.

The enigmatic video clip starts with the phrase “They are coming and they will change everything on Sunday, November 1st.” It further says that “the new citizens movement 1101 is coming to change everything in society, history, democracy.”

The “Movement of 1101″ has an official web page and hints at a political movement. Varoufakis has said in the past that he plans to establish a new political movement for Greece and the whole of Europe.