Water supply improvement work starts in Apokoronas

Apokronas council has approved a programme of works to improve the supply of drinking water, a project long awaited for by many residents. The work will include servicing existing storage tanks and pumping stations and adding new ones thus extendin the woter mains network.  Some of these storage tanks according to a council source have never been cleaned or serviced and they do not meet ‘even the basic hygiene standards’. The council intends to fence off the tanks restricting access to unauthorised persons (and live stock). The contractor is going to start work in the next few days the mayor Mr Koukianakis said to Chaniotika Nea.

Kokkino Chorio, Tsivaras, Embrosneros and Fournes will be the first areas to benefit from the € 1.4 million investment

The upgrade plans include the extension of the mains network in Kokkino Chorio, with a new pumping station, new steel storage tank and 1100m network extension.

Replacing the pumping equipment in Tsivaras, and a network extension of 1100m

In Embrosneros 1100m of network extension

In Fournes Maza a new 1050 m3 steel tank and 6800 m of new network pipe.

‘This work is going to solve some of the problems of water shortages during the summer months and ensure better quality drinking water for many residents, said Mr Koukianakis, adding that the second phase of the project will include the wider Georgioupolis area.