Apokoronas mayor puts order in council’s finances

Apokoronas mayor Charalambos Koukianakis is slowly bringing the municipalities finances under control. His drive to recover money from unpaid water bills are successful in bringing in cash Apokoronaslife.gr reports. According to council officials the amount collected from overdue bills in December was in the region of € 250 000. The council is determined to continue to pursue debtors with the same intensity to bring in as much of the €3M owed to the councils water services. The money is badly needed for investing in the water supply network and work creation opportunities in Apokoronas a council source said.

The council also tries to bring some order in tits finances by targeting waste. Nursery across the authority are wasting large amounts of money, according to another Apokoronaslife.gr report. The waste is mainly in the procurement of large amount of food items that far exceed the needs of the nurseries. The nursery schools have not been keeping accounts nor could they justify how their budgets have been spent. An inspection of the nursery inventory has revealed many goods of the goods purchased were not appropriate educational material.

The council took the decision to change the system of ordering supplies by taking control of the nursery school procurement with orders authorised and checked by council officers.

Lets hope that this the beginning of financial responsibility and accountability by the council and wish the mayor good luck with his efforts to put some order in the council finances.


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